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Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has required a rapid response by educators to meet student needs. CSI has transitioned to mostly distance learning for the present and the physical library space is closed until further notice. 

Many instructors might find themselves looking for resources that are easily accessible and don't require an in-person visit to the library. Open Educational Resources (OER), are free and openly available instructional materials (including textbooks) that are born digital and available from anywhere with an internet connection.

This content is adapted from Open Oregon Educational Resources and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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Introducing OER at CSI

Open Educational Resources at CSI


This series of slides will introduce you to the basics of Open Educational Resources (OER) and its implementation at the College of Staten Island.

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What are OER?

"Open educational resources (OER) are free and openly licensed educational materials."

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Learn more about OER!

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Student cost savings by year

2017-18: $346,548.80

2018-19: $587,885.70

2019-20: $498,682.55

Learn more about CSI and CUNY's OER initiatives.

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Total cost savings

Since starting the OER initiative in 2017, CSI students have saved a total of $1,433,187

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Beyond cost savings

The benefits of OER are not limited to financial benefits and include faculty engagement, student success, social justice, flexibility, accessibility, enrollment, retention, and completion, and open pedagogy.

Browse existing research on OER.

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The student perspective

"The cost of textbooks really plays a huge role in my success in the class. ... [OER] is really changing the way I am studying and improving my success in the class." - Blossom Akagbosu, 2019 Student government senator

From November 2019 symposium, "Conversations about OER, OA, and Open Pedagogy"

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The student perspective

"As long as ... professors advocate for these students and advocate for [OER], students will have a much better and easier time navigating through their college experience." - Maxwell Velikodny, 2019 Student government senator

From November 2019 symposium, "Conversations about OER, OA, and Open Pedagogy"

why faculty benefit from OER. Text included.

Benefits for faculty

Faculty benefit from OER in myriad ways. Some examples are:

  • Pedagogical freedom: Faculty are able to customize learning resources to their students' needs
  • Students have access to the texts from day one
  • Higher course enrollment and retention

Browse the existing research on OER.

faculty quote. text below.

"As faculty, we should be really concerned with the idea that we’re teaching a class and the students aren’t taking it just because of the textbook." - Anne Hays, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Library Instruction

From November 2019 symposium, "Conversations about OER, OA, and Open Pedagogy"

map of CSI departments that use OER

The following departments have used OER in their courses:

Division of Humanities & Social Sciences: Anthropology, Core, History, Library, English, French, Political Science, Psychology, Media Culture; Division of Science & Technology: Astronomy, Biology, Physics; Lucille and Jay Chazanoff School of Business: Finance, Economics, Management; School of Health Sciences: Social Work

View textbooks used by our departments.

Check out our collection of virtual labs and simulations.

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Find out more!

Browse our OER guide.

Contact, Emerging Technologies Librarian and OER Coordinator

Cumulative savings!

CSI students saved $1,433,187 over 2017 to 2020Since the launch of CSI's OER program in 2017 to 2020, students have saved $1,433,187 in textbook costs.

Browse this guide to learn more about how you can convert your course to OER, the tools available to you, and what faculty at CSI are already using.

Announcement! new 7/8

The request for proposals for the FY 2022 OER grant is out!


  • June 30: RFP published
  • July 18: Proposals due
  • July 26–August 9: Review completed, funded proposals selected

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