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Archives & Special Collections

College Archives

Staten Island Community College

Call Number Collection Title
Staten Island Community College, 1948-1976, 1986
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CM-22 William M. Birenbaum Papers, 1946-1985

Richmond College

Call Number Collection Title
Richmond College Records, 1963-1978
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College of Staten Island

The College of Staten Island (CSI) was officially created from the merger of Staten Island Community College and Richmond College on September 1, 1976.

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The records are divided into several groups:


Call Number Collection Title
CM-5 Office of the President (Volpe), 1977-2000
CM-6 Office of the President (Springer), 1995-2004

Governing Bodies & College Committees

CM-7 The CSI Association, Inc., 1977-Present
CM-8 Curriculum Committee, 1976-1981
CM-9 Faculty Council, 1976-1981
CM-10 College Council, 1982-September 2002

Student Services & Student Life

CM-11 Student Government, 1978-Present


CM-12 Photographs, 1981-2002, Bulk 1984-1994
CM-19 Office of Publications Photographs, 1974-1997


CM-13 Buildings, 1980-1999

Public Relations & Media

CM-14 Public Relations & Media, 1980-2004


CM-15 Events, 1977-Present

Publications & Reports

CM-16 Publications & Reports, 1976-Present

Subject Files

CM-17 Subject Files, 1976-


CM-18 Realia, 1980's-2001

Academic Departments & Programs

CM-20 Women's Studies Program, 1972-2002

Faculty & Staff

CM-4 James L. G. Fitz Patrick Papers, 1906-1998
CM-21 Roslyn R. Attinson Papers, 1967-1983

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Manuscript Collections


Political Material

Call Number Collection Title
PM-1 Senator John J. Marchi Papers Finding AidSearch the Collection
PM-2 Assemblywoman Elizabeth A. Connelly Papers Finding AidSearch the Collection
PM-3 Assemblyman Eric N. Vitaliano Papers Finding AidSearch the Collection
PM-4 Freshwater Wetlands Appeals Board Collection Abstract & Inventory

Staten Island Material

Call Number Collection Title
SIM-1 Theodora DuBois Papers Finding AidSearch the Collection
SIM-2 Holt Meyer Collection on Staten Island Planning Abstract & Inventory
SIM-3 Staten Island: Vote Yes, Inc. Collection Finding AidSearch the Collection
SIM-4 Business & Professional Women's Club of Staten Island Records Finding AidSearch the Collection
SIM-5 Waterfront Watch Collection Finding AidSearch the Collection
SIM-7 Covino, The Lee S. Collection Abstract & InventorySearch the Collection
SIM-8 Sampson, John. Papers Finding AidSearch the Collection
SIM-9 Dornfest, Walter. Collection on Staten Island Banking Finding Aid
SIM-10 Bradford Greene Finding Aid
SIM-11 Protectors of Pine Oak Woods Finding Aid
SIM-12 Phyllis A. Whitney Collection Finding Aid
SIM-13 Frank Duffy Collection Finding Aid
SIM-14 Oscar L. Wallace Collection Inventory
SIM-15 North Shore Waterfront Conservancy of Staten Island Collection. Inventory
SIM-16 Paul E. Proske Papers Finding Aid
SIM-17 Robert Hagenhofer Collection Finding Aid
SIM-18 The Staten Island Democratic Association Records, 1961-2010 Finding Aid
SIM-19 Richmond County Board of Supervisors Minutes, 1851-1864 Overview
SIM-20 The Stapleton Community Local Development Corporation Records, 1979-1995 Finding Aid
SIM-21 Cleve Overton Papers, 1851-2006 Finding Aid
SIM-22 John C. Rooney Collection, 1980-2002 Finding Aid
SIM-23 The 9/11 Documentation Project, 2001-2007 Finding Aid
SIM-24 The Meyer Farms Collection, 1959-1969 Finding Aid
SIM-25 The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Collection Inventory
SIM-26 Natural Resources Protective Association Collection Inventory
SIM-27 The Donald Miller Cinema Collection Finding Aid
SIM-28 Halloran Hospital Collection 1918-2010 Finding Aid
SIM-29 The Lenore Miller Oral History Collection Finding Aid
SIM-30 Jewish Historical Society of Staten Island Oral History Project 1979-1996 Finding Aid
SIM-31 The Staten Island Friends of Clearwater Collection Inventory
SIM-32 The Mac O’Callaghan Papers 2001-2007 Finding Aid

Willowbrook State School

Call Number Collection Title
WSSM-1 Herbert J. Grossman, M.D. Collection Finding AidSearch the Collection
WSSM-3 Mike Wilkins, M.D. Collection on the Willowbrook State School Abstract & Inventory
WSSM-4 David Goode, PhD Collection on the Willowbrook State School Abstract & Inventory
WSSM-5 Willowbrook State School News Clipping Collection, 1947-2000 AbstractSearch the Collection
WSSM-6 Bernard Carabello Collection Abstract & Inventory
WSSM-7 Diana McCourt Collection Abstract & Inventory
WSSM-8 Benevolent Society for Retarded Children Collection Finding AidSearch the Collection

Image Collections

Call Number Collection Title
IC-1 The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Construction Photographs Abstract & Inventory
IC-2 Christine Osinski Photograph Collection Abstract & Inventory
IC-3 Larry Racioppo Photograph Collection Abstract & Inventory
IC-4 Staten Island Image Collection Abstract & Inventory

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The College of Staten Island Archives & Special Collections makes available online a selection of photographs from our manuscript collections. This database is keyword searchable.

Image Database (Selected Photographs) Search the Database

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Old Town Records

This microfilm collection contains the official records of the autonomous towns and villages of Richmond County prior to their consolidation with New York City in 1898.

WPA Tax Photos

A photograph project conducted by the Works Progress Administration between 1930 and 1941. Almost every house on Staten Island was photographed.

Staten Island Newspapers on Microfilm The College of Staten Island Student Publications

This microfilm collection covers student newspapers, magazines and other publications from Richmond College, Staten Island Community College and The College of Staten Island, dating from 1956 to 2012.

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