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Archives & Special Collections

General Rules

Each researcher using the collections of the Archives & Special Collections Department must complete a registration form once per calendar year. Please sign in at the registration desk once daily. Researchers must provide acceptable photographic identification to be held at the registration desk while materials are used.

Archival materials do not circulate and must be used in the Reading Room.

You may bring pencils, notepads and laptop computers into the reading room. All outerwear, bags, loose papers, folders, pens, highlighters and other personal items must be left in the coat area of the reading room.

Food and drink are not allowed in the reading room.

The staff of the Archives & Special Collections Department is not responsible for items left unattended in the Reading Room.

If you wish to order a photocopy or other type of reproduction, please fill out a request form available at the registration desk. Requests will be considered so long as duplication can be performed without damage to materials and the requested duplication does not violate donor agreements or copyright laws.

Permission to publish materials taken from the Archives & Special Collections Department must be obtained from the Coordinator.

The Archives & Special Collections staff reserve the right to inspect all research material and personal articles before a patron leaves the Reading Room.

Access and use of materials may be restricted due to applicable laws, donor request or to protect privacy, confidentiality or proprietary rights. Access and use may also be restricted if materials are in poor condition or unprocessed.

Handling the Collection

Call slips to request materials are available at the registration desk.

Please make sure that your hands are clean before using materials.

Researchers will be given one box of materials at a time from manuscript or archival collections. The box should remain on a cart beside the researcher table and only folders should be placed on the table.

When using archival materials, maintain the exact order of folders in a box and of items within a folder. If items seem to be out of order, please notify the staff.

Exercise care to prevent damage to materials. Materials must not be written on, traced on, leaned on, altered, newly folded or handled in a way that may cause damage.

Please use only paper slips for marking your place, as rubber bands, post-it notes, paper clips and other objects may cause damage. Please remove the paper slips prior to returning to material to the registration desk.

If you need assistance with the handling of any material, please contact the staff.

Please notify the staff when you are finished using materials.


Digital Files

Researchers may request digital files of collections materials. Fees vary depending upon a number of factors, including intended use and whether a digital file already exists or needs to be captured. In general, fees for non-personal use begin at $50 per file. Please be aware that reproduction and permission for use are two different matters. Permissions will entail additional fees and must be arranged for in advance. Please consult the Archivist


All photography for other than non-personal use requires special, advance permission from other campuses on office; consult archives staff as appropriate.

Researchers may photograph collection materials for personal use. The archives reserves the right to restrict or prohibit photography when it may physically damage materials; disrupt other readers; violate donor restrictions and purchasing agreements; or if items have been previously digitized.

Handheld cameras are permitted. Flash, lights, and tripods are prohibited.

Scanners are prohibited.

Cameras must be set on ‘mute’ so as not to disturb others.

Appropriate cradle or other supports for all bound items will be made available if necessary.

Pressing down on materials or bindings is prohibited.

Unbound materials must be kept flat on the table.

Items in folders must remain in the order in which they were delivered.

Do not remove any fasteners.

Do not remove items from sleeves, mats, etc.

Ask for assistance if the item is large or the folding sequence is unclear when unfolding maps or foldouts in books.

Always use library materials on top of the table. No materials may be placed on the floor.

Standing on tables or chairs is not permitted.

Rearrangement of chairs, tables or lamps is not permitted.

No photographs of the staff or other researchers may be taken.

Photocopy Policy

Photocopy requests will be considered so long as duplication can be performed without damage to materials and the requested duplication does not violate donor agreements or copyright laws.

Photocopies cost $.10 per page for 1-25 pages, $.15 per page for 26-50 pages and $.20 per page for 51 or more pages. All photocopying is completed by staff. Photocopy requests are limited to a maximum of 75 pages per day. Ultimately, the sum of all photocopy requests cannot exceed 10% of the collection's volume or 1 chapter, whichever is less. Orders may not be filled on the same day they are placed. Postage and handling costs are additional.

We accept cash or checks and money orders payable to Archives - College of Staten Island Library.