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Online Tutorials

Instructions on Using Online Tutorials

Instruction Librarians at CSI Library created online tutorials to help students learn to use our resources from home. When you click on a tutorial, an instruction window should pop up on the left side of your screen. The rest of your screen will display an interactive website.  For that reason, these are NOT MOBILE COMPATIBLE.

You will be asked to test out different search strategies using the library's online databases or online tools. Please follow the instructions in the left-hand window, follow the prompts, and complete the tasks in the website.

Internal Quizzes

During the tutorial, you may be asked short quiz questions. These are not graded in any way; they are simply part of the instruction. When you get an answer wrong, the instructions will explain why it is wrong. You can try again to guess the correct answer.

Graded Quiz

At the end of the tutorial there is a more formal quiz. These questions will not guide you towards the correct answer the way the internal quiz did. This is a final quiz that you can use to test your own skills, or to send a certificate of completion to your professor (if they asked you for this). When you enter your OWN email address, the quiz results will be emailed to you (check your spam folder just in case). You can then forward the results over to any professor who has asked you to complete these tutorials.

If you have questions about how to use these online tutorials, just ask! Email Anne Hays here.

Online Tutorials for Library Research

Each tutorial contains a short quiz. You will have the option to email your results to yourself, and forward to your professor. 

Getting Started with Your Research:

Misinformation and Disinformation:

Introduction to Citation Styles (choose the appropriate one for your class):


General Tutorials

The Library has created several other very short guides on a variety of topics. These are tiny, non-interactive tutorials that explain how to find items at the Library. There are no quizzes attached to these. Check back for new ones.

What is a database?

What is a reference source?

How do I find a CSI database?

How do I find a textbook?

Understanding Wikipedia

Popular vs Scholarly Periodicals

Introduction to Citation Styles and Avoiding Plagiarism (APA)

Evaluating Websites for Academic Research

Primary versus Secondary Sources

What is Peer Review?