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Take the Learning about Library Resources at the CSI Library tutorial for CC-CLUE credit

Welcome to the CSI Library tutorial for CC CLUE credit. The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to using the library's resources to locate appropriate sources for your academic papers. It was designed with ENG 111 and ENG 151 students in mind. This tutorial also teaches information literacy tools, such as avoiding plagiarism, navigating fake news, and citing your sources in MLA style. This tutorial has 5 chapters, and it should take you around 45 minutes to go through all five sections. Plan accordingly!

How to use this tutorial-- You should see an instruction guide as a small popup box on the side of the screen. You should also see a main window where you can search the library's website and databases alongside these instructions. Don't just read this guide! You will learn much more by testing out the tools in the main window.

Quiz / Certificate / CC CLUE credit-- at the very end of all five chapters of this tutorial, there is a large quiz that reviews all the content covered. To get CLUE credit, you simply need to answer all the questions, and click submit. After you submit, you will see a thank you page. At the bottom of the page is a link to see your answers and how many you got correct. If your professor asked you to take this, and needs proof of completion, we recommend taking a screen shot of the thank you page, and/or the results of the quiz. Regardless, we will automatically submit your name and empl to the CLUE office for credit. Thanks!

As of April 2021, these tutorials are not working through the Chrome browser. This means you can only take them in a different browser, such as firefox or safari. Unfortunately, we cannot fix this problem and are instead working to recreate these tutorials using a different platform. This work will be done over the summer semester and ready for the fall 2021. (The tutorials are also not mobile compatible.) We apologize for the inconvenience!

Take the CC-CLUE Library Tutorial