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Take the Learning about Library Resources at the CSI Library tutorial for CC-CLUE credit

Welcome to the CSI Library tutorial for CC CLUE credit. The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to using the library's resources to locate appropriate sources for your academic papers. It was designed with ENG 111 and ENG 151 students in mind. This tutorial also teaches information literacy tools, such as avoiding plagiarism, navigating fake news, and citing your sources in MLA style. This tutorial has 5 chapters, and it should take you around 45 minutes to go through all five sections. Plan accordingly!

How to use this tutorial-- The tutorial uses text, images, videos, and quiz assessment questions to help you learn. It can be taken on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a phone. You will need an internet connection to take it.

Quiz / Certificate / CC CLUE credit-- at the very end of all five chapters of this tutorial, you will be asked your name, your EMPL ID number, and your email address. You will get a score based on how well you answered the questions throughout the tutorial. Even though the questions require a correct answer to proceed, your score will be based on your initial answers. If you need a better score for a professor, just go ahead and take the tutorial again. CLUE credit is NOT based on score, however. If you complete the tutorial and include your information, you get CLUE credit.

This information will go to the Library's Outreach Coordinator, Mark Aaron Polger, who will provide the CC CLUE office with student names on a weekly basis.

Take the CC-CLUE Library Tutorial

Second CC-CLUE Tutorial