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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Resources for CUNY Faculty

CUNY Academic Works

CUNY Academic Works is a service of the CUNY Libraries dedicated to collecting and providing access to the research, scholarship, and creative and pedagogical work of the City University of New York. Faculty can browse OER materials and add your own!


CUNY Manifold

Manifold is freely available to the CUNY community. With Manifold, you can publish dynamic digital texts with rich media support, powerful annotation tools, and robust community dialogue. Manifold transforms scholarly publications into living digital works.


CUNY Academic Commons

Freely available to the CUNY community, the Academic Commons is designed to support faculty initiatives and build community through the use(s) of technology in teaching and learning.


Remixing and Publishing OER new!

The platforms included below can be used to remix and publish OER.

What platform or tool is right for me?

While not all OER are digital, the 5 Rs of OER mean that many OER are easily distributed online.

Educational Technology (edtech) is one tool faculty can use to deliver OER to students—however, sometimes the plethora of options can be overwhelming or difficult to navigate. These resources can help you familiarize yourself with the different options out there and decide how you want to deliver your OER content to your students.

Resource Description Use if:
OpenETC (Open EdTech Collaborative) The OpenETC is a community of educators, technologists, and designers sharing their expertise to foster and support open infrastructure for the BC post-secondary sector. You want to see actual examples of edtech use in actual instructional settings
The Open Page project A University of Windsor project, this page offers a collection of CC-licensed open videos & podcasts that overview edtech platforms and promises. You want informed evaluations and comparisons of existing edtech.
Scholarly Communication Technology Catalogue new! 2/3 SComCat comprises a catalogue (knowledge base) of scholarly communication open technologies that provides an overview of the functionality, organizational models, dependencies, use of standards, and levels of adoption of each technology. You want a database of technologies, and you want to compare and contrast tools.
Tools of Engagement project Explore and reflect on innovative uses of emerging technology tools through self-paced, discovery activities. You want to engage in self-directed activities to familiarize yourself with existing tools and pedagogies.


Other tools/platforms

Below is an assortment of platforms and/or tools that can help you deliver your OER in an engaging and interactive manner. If you have a specific need that is not met by these options, or have suggestions for tools to add to this page, please email

Creating content

Working with text

Working with video

Interactive classrooms

Video conferencing

Messaging software