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Open Educational Resources (OER)

CUNY OER Grant 2021

CUNY has received funding from NY state to incentivize faculty to transition their courses to Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC), using OER and/or other materials that do not require an extra cost for students. This usually includes assigning an openly available textbook rather than a proprietary textbook, but can also include materials that are available via the library, news websites, and others. 

Although the proposals have already been submitted, there is still a possibility for available funding. If you are interested, please contact Christina Boyle at for more information.

Guidelines for Grant Recipients

This link leads to the CUNY guidelines on how to share original materials that were created as part of the OER grant: Where to Submit OER Deliverables. As per the grant requirements, all grant recipients need to openly license and share at least one OER item they created for their newly converted ZTC course. This may be a syllabus, textbook, lesson plan, assignment, etc. It can be original or remixed from other open resources. For questions on this, please contact Christina Boyle (Emerging Technologies Librarian and OER Coordinator).