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Getting started

This video will show you how to locate discipline appropriate databases and resources for education. You'll want to watch this one first if you're not sure where to find information on the Library's homepage.

Peer Review and Academic Articles

Finding an article by citation

These two videos show you how to find a specific article when you have the citation. This is helpful when

  • your professor gives you an article to read
  • you find a record for an article but the full text is not there
  • when you're reading an article and then scan the reference list at the end of the article for more articles on your topic

This is the simplest, fastest way.

This is what you do when the first way doesn't work. It's the most thorough way to check the Library's access to articles.

Finding Articles Using OneSearch

This video was made with EDC108 (Early Childhood Education) in mind, but this technique can be used for any education topic. It uses OneSearch, which is a collection of books and articles on all topics, and zeros in on educational theory.

Searching ERIC (database)

These videos show you how to perform a simple search, and how to get more specific with controlled language.

ERIC is the world's premier database of education literature. Contains over one million abstracts of articles, books, conference papers, technical reports, and policy papers on educational research and practice since 1966. Provides full text options not available from the U.S. Department of Education version. Coverage Dates: 1966 to present

Getting started with ERIC...

Getting crafty with ERIC...

This video zeros in on a particular article record and shows you how to locate full text, and email, print, save, and grab a citation.

APA Citations