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Social Work Research Guide

Social Work Research

This guide will show you how to search for content that the CSI Library has access to- print books, ebooks, and online journal articles. It also has lists of useful resources on the web, and links to other information from the library that will help you write research papers.

Search Library Resources

OneSearch allows you to search for books, articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers, streaming video and DVDs (media), or to search across all of our resources in one place.


If you know the name of the database you are looking for, choose it from the following list:


You can also view a list of databases that are best for a specific subject area:

View a full alphabetical list of available databases here:

Search the Library for academic journals, newspapers, or magazines:


Our Research Guides help you find resources specific to your subject area or course. Choose a subject or course name from the list below to view the guide for that topic, or view a list of all our research guides.

Search the Library's Frequently Asked Questions:


Featured Social Work eBooks

Access from Off-Campus

You can do everything from home, except check out a print book. That means you can read ebooks and journal articles and watch streaming video. You will be prompted to login. Use your  SLAS which should be the same as your CSI email username and password. If you need a password reset please email (On campus, go to the Helpdesk at 2A-306D.)

Other Useful Guides

Citing Sources

Evaluating Websites


Because of the interdisciplinary nature of social work, guides in other subjects will certainly be relevant. You might want to look at our guides for Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Education, New York City Data Resources and Transcultural Concepts in Healthcare. See our list of all guides.