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English 151

Databases for ENG 151 -- current affairs/ issues research

These databases are selected for use by students in ENG 151 classes. For videos showing how to use these databases, see the tabs on the left for instructional tutorials.

1, 2, 3 guide to starting your research

1. When you don't have a topic yet, you can use Opposing Viewpoints to browse topics. Click BROWSE and you'll see a huge list of topics that the database has already curated for you. You can read articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals to get a taste of what people are saying about this topic. You might even find enough content to write your paper.

2. When you have a topic but don't have background information like a definition of your terms, a timeline of major events related to your topic, an overview of the people, places and things involved, or basic concrete facts about your topic, use Gale E-Books (formerly Virtual Reference Library) to look up your term. Use it the way you would use wikipedia (because wikipedia is an encyclopedia of entries, much like what this database provides!)

3. When you have a topic and background information ready to go, jump into Academic Search Complete. This database gives you advanced search tools so you can zero in on your focused research question. This database includes a lot of peer-reviewed (ie scholarly) articles, which you can limit to with the click of a button. See the video tab for instructions on how to use it. This database will be your biggest source of information for your paper.