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English 151

How to Use this Guide

Welcome to the Library’s Online Research Website for ENG 151 students. We designed this site to help students do research online while the CSI Library is closed, and while courses are running online because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Your professor may assign one, a few, or all of these course topics for your class. Each tab to the left contains a lesson, which will include text to read and video(s) to watch to help you use the tools you’re learning about. All of these lessons were designed with your ENG 151 class in mind.

Navigating the CSI Library's Homepage

To get started, you may want to start here and review what’s on the CSI Library homepage and how to use it. Each lesson will ask you to consult a specific database or tool. If you forget how to find databases or where to search for a book, come back here and review these short videos.

Databases for ENG 151 -- current affairs/ issues research

These databases are selected for use by students in ENG 151 classes. For videos showing how to use these databases, see the tabs on the left for instructional tutorials.