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English 151

Databases Are...

Databases are: digital collections of articles

Who publishes articles: newspapers, magazines, academic journals

  • Newspapers publish: current events. Short, fact-based reporting that is published daily.
  • Trade magazines publish: non-academic articles on general interest topics…
  • Academic Journals publish: peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Articles written by professors and academics. Many articles include empirical studies, literature reviews, in-depth critical analysis, or the results of scientific experiments (depending on the discipline).

Peer Review in Under 3 MInutes

What are they? Why might your professor ask you to find this type of article?

PS: at the end, where it asks you to reach out to your library, reach out to CSI Library instead!)

Using Academic Search Complete to Find Artices

This is a long-form video that shows students how to move from topic to keywords to database, and then shows how to find appropriate articles using those keywords. Also includes: adding keywords, modifying keywords, printing articles, citing articles.

Timing Notes:

  • Research Question part is from 0:00 to 1:45
  • Academic Search Complete starts at 1:46 and onward


Using OneSearch to find Articles

This video shows users how to locate peer-reviewed articles on a general topic by using OneSearch. OneSearch is a tool that allows one to search for books, articles, videos, dissertations, and more, all in one place.