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English 151

Databases Are...

Databases are: digital collections of articles

Who publishes articles: newspapers, magazines, academic journals

  • Newspapers publish: current events. Short, fact-based reporting that is published daily.
  • Trade magazines publish: non-academic articles on general interest topics…
  • Academic Journals publish: peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Articles written by professors and academics. Many articles include empirical studies, literature reviews, in-depth critical analysis, or the results of scientific experiments (depending on the discipline).

Peer Review in Under 3 MInutes

What are they? Why might your professor ask you to find this type of article?

PS: at the end, where it asks you to reach out to your library, reach out to CSI Library instead!)

Using Academic Search Complete to Find Artices

This video shows you how to perform an advanced search using keywords in Academic Search Complete, an excellent database for you to use for ENG 151 topics.

Using OneSearch to find Articles

This video shows users how to locate peer-reviewed articles on a general topic by using OneSearch. OneSearch is a tool that allows one to search for books, articles, videos, dissertations, and more, all in one place.