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English 151

ENG 151 Worksheet

Pick a topic and develop a good research question

The first step in writing a research paper is choosing a good topic. Your topic will have to be something that falls within the guidelines provided by your instructor, and should also be something that you find interesting and would like to learn more about.  However, a good research paper involves more than choosing an interesting topic and reporting information on it.  A research paper should attempt to critically analyze a complex problem, and that means you need to develop a focused research question, which is essential to the research process.  By defining exactly what you are trying to find out, your research question influences most of the rest of the steps taken to conduct your research. Follow the guides below to help you choose a topic and develop a good research question:

Online Tutorials for Library Research

Each tutorial contains a short quiz. You will have the option to email your results to yourself, and forward those results to your professor.

Introducing... the Library as a Physical Space

Getting Started with Your Research:

Introduction to Citation Styles (choose the appropriate one for your class):

Information Literacy Concepts