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On Race Matters and Social Justice

About the resource below...

This resource provides access to original research, all of which illustrate the pattern of institutionalized racism.  Articles included here are meant for discussion inside and outside of the classroom.  The collection includes recent essays such as: "The Devastation of Black Wall Street" by Kimberly Fain (2017), "The Lasting Fall Out of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study" by Nashwa Khan (2016); "Why James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time, Still Matters" by Orlando Edwards (2016), "African American Studies: Foundations and Key Concepts," by Omari Weeks (2020) and "COVID-19 is Hitting Black and Poor Communities the Hardest," by Grace Noppen (2020). 

In the introduction of this web resource, there is a note that states: "Some readers may find some of the stories in the syllabus or the photos used to illustrate them disturbing.  Teachers may want to use caution in assigning them to students."

The CSI Library has a subscription to JStor, hence any material in this web resource is freely available to students, faculty, and staff. 

Click on the photograph below to access the resource.

Institutionalized Racisim: A syllabus