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Nursing 700

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Resources & Tutorials for Your Transcultural Paper

What is your paper assignment? 
Students select, read, reflect, and synthesize 4 journal articles as delineated in Part A of your paper assignment and write a 10-12 page paper following the grading criteria components detailed in Part B ​(see course syllabus for details).    

What are the 4 journal articles and how do I find them?
(Note: Prof. Jeffreys has made Powerpoint tutorials to guide you in selecting the most appropriate articles for your research paper. Please check those out and make sure you understand her requirements. The demo videos below focus more on the mechanics of locating articles and better selections could have been made.

  1. Article #1: A major journal article (not an editorial or brief article) from 1 of the 2 assigned journal issues of the Journal of Transcultural Nursing.  Watch Demo
  2. Article #2: 1 journal article listed in Article #1’s reference list (Not an assigned article for class - check course schedule calendar for listings).  Watch Demo
  3. Article #3 and #4: Peer-reviewed journal articles NOT referenced in the selected journal article but published within the last 3 years AND related to the transcultural topic in article #1.  Watch Demo 

Formatting Your Journal Articles in APA Style


The following are 4 articles from our tutorials on finding articles. They have been formatted using APA style. 


Brown, S., Garcia, A., Winter, M., Silva, L., Brown, A., & Hanis, C. (2011). Integrating education, group support, and case management for diabetic Hispanics. Ethnicity & Disease, 21(1), 20-26.  

Brunk, D. R., Taylor, A. G., Williams, I. C., Cox, D. J., & Clark, M. L. (2017). A culturally appropriate self-management program for Hispanic adults with type 2 diabetes and low health literacy skills. Journal of Transcultural Nursing28(2), 187–194.

Smith, M. C. A., Berry, D. C., & Miller, C. T. (2017). Diabetes affects everything: Type 2 diabetes self-management among Spanish-speaking Hispanic immigrants. Research in Nursing & Health40(6), 541–554.

Titus, S. K., & Kataoka-Yahiro, M. (2019). A systematic review of barriers to access-to-care in Hispanics with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 30(3), 280–290.