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Library Instruction


Library Learning Lab: 1L-214


Coordinator of Library Instruction: Anne Hays


The mission of the Library Instruction Program is to support CSI’s General Education curriculum goal of information literacy and provide students with the skills necessary for college and graduate level discipline-specific research. Library faculty seek to encourage the habits of critical inquiry and lifelong learning which are key elements of participation in a global information society.

Modes of Instruction

While the Library is reopening for student services, all instructional services will remain online. Our Instruction Librarians can provide synchronous or asynchronous sessions depending on your needs and what works best for your students' assignments. If your class is hybrid, we can meet you on an online day. If your class is fully in person, we can still meet you online-- you can open a zoom session on a projected computer screen and we will meet your students that way.

Requesting a Remote Library Instruction Session

If you would like to request Remote Library Instruction for your class that addresses a research-related assignment, please fill out the request form linked below. Our instruction librarians can provide a variety of synchronous and asychronous forms of instruction, depending on your needs and what works best for your students's assignments.

To schedule remote instruction, please fill out the Library Instruction Request Form.

Library Instruction for ENG 151

The library instruction team is creating an asynchronous online curriculum for ENG 151 composition courses. These resources live on the ENG 151 Research Guide linked below. You may also share with them our Online Tutorials, which we build with first year students in mind, and our complete Instructional Video Collection, which address databases ENG 151 students will find useful.

Instructional Videos for Library Resources

LIB 102

Introductory Online Tutorials (NOT for clue credit)

We have created a suite of information literacy & research tutorials to help students get started using the library. These tutorials were designed with first-year students in mind, but they are equally useful for any student, faculty, or staff member who needs an introduction to our library's services. To better serve our student community, we have matched the lessons to our ENG 111 and ENG 151 instruction. During the fall and spring semesters we publish a long online tutorial with a quiz, which students can take for CC-CLUE credit. Students can choose to send the quiz results directly to their own emails or to their professor's email, based on their needs.

Need Help?

Our online chat service is available 24/7. If a CUNY librarian is not available, an academic librarian from one of our partner libraries will assist you.