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Library Instruction

Instructions on Using Online Tutorials

These tutorials allow students to access them on a variety of devices (desktop computer, tablet, phone) and integrate a variety of presentation methods (images, video, text). They also include an interactive assessment feature, so that students respond to quiz questions throughout the tutorials and get immediate feedback on their responses. Finally, these tutorials allow students to receive a certificate of completion, along with a percentage-based score. They were designed with the idea that students can retake them, either for a better grade after learning from the responsive quiz feedback, or simply to go back to features they'd like to remember in the future. 


If you have questions about how to use these online tutorials, just ask! Email Professor Anne Adkison here.

Online Tutorials for Library Research

Each tutorial contains a short quiz. You will have the option to email your results to yourself, and forward those results to your professor.

Introducing... the Library as a Physical Space

Getting Started with Your Research:

Introduction to Citation Styles (choose the appropriate one for your class):

Information Literacy Concepts