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BUS 720

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Readings for the Course

Required Readings

  1. CIA World Factbook: Italy
  2. Doing Business in Italy
  3. Peng, Mike et al. “The Institution-Based View as a Third Leg for a Strategy Tripod.” Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol. 23 Issue 3, (2009): 63-81. Click on Full text available link on the result page
  4. Strathern, Paul.  The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance. Vintage, 2007.​ Print.

Suggested Readings

  1. Peng, Mike Global Strategy 4e, Boston, MA: Cengage Learning: Chapters 2-4. 2017. Print.
  2. Weiner, Eric. "Renaissance Florence Was a Better Model for Innovation than Silicon Valley Is". Harvard Business Review, January 25, 2016. Available free on the web
  3. US State Dept. Background Notes / U.S.Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets
    -> U.S. Relations with Italy
  4. World Bank. 2018. “Doing Business in Italy.” Web.   
  5. Martines, Lauro. Power and Imagination, Johns Hopkins Univ Press. 1988. Print.
  6. De Roover, Raymond. The Rise and Decline of the Medici Bank, Beard Books, 1999
  7. Brucker, Gene A. Renaissance Florence, Univ of Calif Press, 1969.
  8. Parks, Tim. Medici Money: Medici Money: Banking, Metaphysics, and Art in Fifteenth-Century Florence. 2006
  9. Goldthwaite, Richard A. “The Medici Bank and the World of Florentine Capitalism.” Past & Present, no. 114, 1987, pp. 3–31.​