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Resources for African and African Diaspora Studies

Welcome to the Website for Resources for the AADS Program

Commencement Day, 2022: Dr. Maria Rice Bellamy and Graduates of the AADS Program at CSI.

The African and African Diaspora Studies Program

The AADS program offers a baccalaureate degree in African and African Diaspora Studies. The program, established in 1976, has an interdisciplinary curriculum that examines the following: the interplay of culture, history, socioeconomic, and political forces shaping the experiences of the people of sub-Saharan Africa and its diaspora; the roles that Africans and their descendants have played in the creation of the United States and other New World projects; Africa’s historic relationship with the Mediterranean and Atlantic Worlds; and the ideas and experiences of race in the U.S. and the world and how they change over time and space.

Coursework includes the study of history, literature, sociology, religion, geography, politics, and the arts. The program’s rigorous curriculum has prepared our graduates for success in many challenging careers and professional degree programs in such fields as education, law, law enforcement, business, and the arts. The program’s philosophy is best articulated through its course offerings and its faculty research and publications.

Affiliated Faculty

Maria Rice Bellamy, Associate Professor of English and Director of the AADS Program

Jay Arena, Associate Professor of Sociology

Paul Archibald, Assistant Professor of Social Work

Grace M. Cho, Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology

Emmanuel Mbah, Professor of History

Roshen Hendrickson, Associate Professor of Political Science & Global Affairs

Natalie L. Kimball, Assistant Professor of History

Kai Krienke, Adjunct Assistant Professor of English

Wilma Jones, Professor and Reference/Instruction Librarian

Ananya Mukherjea, Associate Professor of Sociology

Ozlem Goner, Associate Professor of Sociology

Michael Paris, Associate Professor of Political Science & Global Affairs

Christopher Santiago, Lecturer, Sociology & Anthropology

Jonathan Sassi, Professor of History

Joseph Williams, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology