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About this NRS 110 Research Guide Website

This guide introduces nursing 110 students to essential nursing/medical research resources and help you find the sources you need for your Nursing 110 research paper. After you have done the interview part of your research paper, and start to work on the research part (see Part IV of your paper assignment), follow the resources listed below to locate articles and books on the ethnic group you are studying. Need Help? Use the 24/7 Online Chat with a Librarian service on the left-hand side bar of this page.

The Research Part of Your Paper (Part IV)

  1. Choose one ethnic group identified as part of this person’s background. Research the health beliefs, values and practices predominant for this ethnic group. (Research refers to the review of the professional literature)
  2. Documented discussion
    Citing references from the professional literature, discuss each of the following:
    a) role and status of elderly within the family
    b) views and practices to prevent illness, promote wellness, maintain health and care for self and others, including complementary and alternative therapies (CAT) as mentioned in TLL Chapter 27.
    c) communication patterns appropriate to family members based on age and gender (verbal and non-verbal).

*** Part IV above was from your Nursing 110 research paper and posted here to help you better understand what you have to do. Please follow your current paper assignment if there are changes. Before you start to search a database, take a piece of paper and make a list of the keywords and terms related to your study group and the issues you are asked to discuss. These are the keywords and terms you are going to try when you start searching. Do not jam the search box with too many terms at one time. Try hispanics and culture for example in CINHAL database, then refine your search using the limiters on your search results page. Please follow your current Nursing 110 research paper assignment to ensure accuracy.  

Find Sources for Your Research Paper from Library Databases

  1. Start with CSI library database Gale eBooks which has a collection of over 50 books for Multicultural Studies. Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, a 3-volume encyclopedia has an essay for every ethnic group in the world. Start from there to find and read an essay on the ethnic group you are studying. You can search the entire collection for articles or click to search within a specific book. Do take a look at the over 100 ebooks on Medicine.  > Watch Demo Video  
    Note: Search using key words/ terms in this database: Asian Indian Americans or Hindu Americans
  2. Use OneSearch on the Library Homepage, or at the top of this guide to find articles and books related to specific ethnic groups and their health beliefs, values, and practices...OneSearch provides a simple search box (just like Google), but allows you to find full-text scholarly/ peer-reviewed articles, books and book chapters, and multimedia across many of CSI/CUNY subscribed databases. User Filters to help you refine your search when you got the search results.  > Watch Demo Video
    Note: Try search terms such as Hinduism and culture, or East Indians, or  Hindus, or Hindu Indians, or East Indian immigrants...

  3. Search CINAHL Complete database for articles (See CINAHL Subject Terms)
    CINAHL Complete is the world's largest research database for nursing & allied health literature, providing over 700 full-text journals, 275 books, and citations from over 5000 journals. This will be the most important research resource for you as a nurse. Try some searches and take the tutorials if you have time. As you progress though the nursing program, you will use the database more and become better at it.
    > Watch Demo Video

    It is also good to know the database called MEDLINE CompleteMedline Complete is the world's largest research database for biomedical literature, providing full text for over 2,400 medical journals and thousands more in abstract format. There's a free Internet version of Medline, called PubMed. They differ in that Medline Complete uses the EBSCOhost search interface and provides lot more full text journals. The EBSCO Medline Complete search interface is similar to CINAHL Complete. If you have time, take the tutorials (see links on the left side bar) and try some searches.

Internet Resources on Transcultural Nursing and Ethnic Groups

  1. East Indian Hindu Americans
  2. MEDLINEplus Health Information and Population Groups: Includes links to web sites dealing with health issues of various ethnic groups and special populations., produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine is an extremely useful authoritative website for consumer health info including health topics, drugs, videos...A goldmine of reliable resources that will help you in your work in clinical settings. Try to find time to explore the website and get familiar with its resources.   > Watch Demo Video
  3. EthnoMed: Provides information on cultural beliefs and health issues of immigrants. Particularly useful are the clinical topics and culture sections.

Cite Your Sources in APA Style

You are almost finished with your paper. Now it's time to make sure that you have cited your sources correctly in your paper (In-Text Citation) and in References at the end of your paper. As I have shown you, OneSearch and databases such as CINAHAL can generate citations for you which makes citing sources easy and saves you time. However, those citations may not all be correct, so use the links below to help you check your work: