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The Main Parts (IV, V, VI) of Your Research Paper

(During library orientation, we'll do some demo searches to find articles that will help you answer the questions)
Part IV - Research

  1. Choose one (1) ethnic group identified as part of this person’s background. Research the health beliefs, values and practices predominant for this ethnic group. (Research refers to the review of the professional literature)
  2. Documented discussion
    Citing references from the professional literature, discuss each of the following:
    a) role and status of elderly within the family
    b) views and practices to prevent illness, promote wellness, maintain health and care for self and others, including complementary and alternative therapies (CAT) as mentioned in TLL Chapter 27.
    c) communication patterns appropriate to family members based on age and gender (verbal and non-verbal).

Part V -Comparative Analysis
Discuss (compare and contrast) the similarities (10%) and differences (10%) in beliefs, values, and practices of the interviewed person with those cultural values, beliefs, and practices listed for Albanian-Americans. Go to the following Culture Clues Website:

PartVI- Reflection (One Page Minimum)
Discuss the following:

a) How are the values, beliefs and practices of your interviewee similar to your own cultural values, beliefs, and practices?
b) How are the values, beliefs, and practices of your interviewee different from your own cultural values, beliefs, and practices

Find Sources for Your Research Paper (Watch Demo Videos)

  1. Start by reading a culture summary for your specific culture/ethnic group
    eHRAF World Cultures database provides a country profile/ culture summary for every culture and ethnic group in the world.
    >> Watch Demo Video
  2. Use OneSearch at the top of this guide to find articles and books related to specific ethnic groups and their health beliefs, values, and practices...
    >> Watch Demo Video
  3. Search nursing and medical databases for articles 
  • CINAHL Complete: the world's largest research database for nursing & allied health literature
    >> Watch Demo Video
  • MEDLINE Complete: the world's largest research database for biomedical literature
    The interface is similar to CINAHL, but Mesh headings use african americans, hispanic americans, mexican americans...

Websites on Transcultural Nursing and Ethnic Groups

  1. MEDLINEplus Health Information and Population Groups: Produced by the National Library of Medicine, is an extremely useful authoritative website for health and drug info, videos...Includes links to web sites dealing with health issues of various ethnic groups and special populations.
    >> Watch Demo Video
  2. Culture Clues: Tip sheets for clinicians developed by University of Washington Medical Center. 
  3. EthnoMed: Provides information on cultural beliefs and health issues of immigrants. Particularly useful are the clinical topics and culture sections.
  4. Transcultural Nursing Society: Theories and Models

Cite Your Sources in APA Style

You have found 5 sources and incorporated them into your paper. Now it's time to make sure that you have cited your sources correctly. As I have shown you, OneSearch and databases such as CINAHAL can generate citations for you which makes citing sources easy and saves you time. However, those citations may not all be correct, so use the links below to help you check your work:

APA Style (7th edition APA official site)

Excelsior OWL APA Style Guide