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Library Accessibility Guide: Individuals with Disabilities

Ebook Central- ProQuest

Ebook Central has provided navigation aids and an accessibility statement  ProQuest also provides a comprehensive VPAT directory and accessibility site for it's other platforms.  All products and services should be substantially compliant with the world’s major accessibility standards, including Section 508(C) in the U.S. and the W3C WCAG 2.0 Level AA international standard. 

EBSCOhose Ebooks

EBSCOhost ebooks has provided navigation aids to it's eBook and Audiobook collections. In general, Adobe Acrobat needs to be configured for screen reader accessibility. "For low-vision and blind users using JAWS screen reader software, accessing eBooks and Audiobooks on EBSCOhost requires JAWS version 12 in combination with Firefox web browser, to support ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) standards. All other EBSCO interface accessibility vavigation tips are also listed.


IEEE has provided an accessibility statement and a  navigation aid for IEEE Xplore.

"The IEEE is committed to making the IEEE Xplore website accessible to all of our customers.The present accessibility compliance status of IEEE Xplore is as follows:

  • IEEE Xplore meets basic accessibility standards for the visually impaired
  • IEEE is actively engaged in ensuring accessibility on all sites
  • Any parts of IEEE Xplore or sub sites that do not meet accessibility standards can be brought to our attention via email to


JSTOR has provided an accessibility statement.

"It is a priority for JSTOR to ensure that our website and the content we archive is available and accessible to all of our users.The website is designed with ease of navigation in mind, either with or without the use of a pointing device. We regularly use automated checks and conduct tests with users to evaluate and measure the accessibility of the site. JSTOR has made every effort to ensure that our image-based PDF files are accessible and can be read with screen readers like JAWS. These files are tagged at a high level using an automated process. While this method is not exact, it dramatically increases the accessibility of the files as compared to an untagged version."


Kanopy has provided an accessibility statement with navigation aids.

"Kanopy is fully committed to making our own websites usable by all people, whatever their abilities or disabilities. Our filmmakers share important messages in their videos that we want viewed by as many people as possible."