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Collection Development & Maintenance

Donation (Gift) Policy

The CSI Library welcomes gifts and donations to its collection or the funds to purchase new collection materials. Materials or funds will be accepted with the expectation that they are consistent with the library’s collection development policy. The CSI Library cannot accept gifts, donations or funds with conditions as to their disposition or location. Donors will receive a letter acknowledging only receipt of gifts, donations, or funds. The letter will not include appraisal of the monetary value of gifts. Appraisals for tax purposes are the responsibility of the donor. Books added to the collection will be identified with gift plates, as determined by the library.The library’s policy concerning gifts is as follows:

  • Gifts of library materials shall be referred to the Acquisition Librarian, Kerry Falloon, and gifts of funds shall be referred to the Chief Librarian, Amy Stempler. Donations of materials that may be appropriate for Archive & Special Collections are handled directly by the Archivist, James Kaser.
  • The library may wish to decline gifts which do not support the college curriculum or benefit the library’s collections. The library declines offers of gifts if they unnecessarily duplicate existing holdings, if the subject matter is outside the scope of its collections, or if there are donor restrictions which the library cannot honor.
  • Donors may give funds at the time of inquiry, or send funds in an amount they determine. They may recommend that their monetary donations be applied to support particular curricula or subject areas, or in support of particular information technologies. However, all donations and all items acquired through donations must meet the typical selection criteria including quality of content, appropriateness, level of scholarship, and objectivity.

Gift Policy...Continues

  • The CSI Library reserves the right to dispose of any materials donated if not appropriate for the present collection. Disposals could consist of donating to other CUNY libraries through Largess, donations to Better World Books, free books, and/or recycling if needed.     
  • Use the Library's Donation/ Gift form for material donations to the library.  


Check Catalog Before Donating