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Library Policies

Library Fines and Replacement Costs

The CSI Library charges fines for lost, damaged, and overdue materials. Borrowers are entirely responsible for returning in good condition all library materials, regardless of circumstances that may occur over the period of the loan. All patrons are subject to fines for overdue, damaged, or lost materials.

Students who have outstanding library fines of $25 and above will have a Library stop placed on their account. Library stops can only be removed after the fine is paid in person at the Bursar’s Office (2A-105). Library Stops can take up to 24 hours to clear. Questions regarding library fines should be directed to the library’s Circulation Desk (718.982.4011) or submitted via our Appeals form:

Every CUNY library has its own policy regarding charging fines. Please check the CUNY Circulation page to view individual library policies.

Library Fines
Overdue Circulating Books 25 cents per day (including days on which the Library is closed) to a maximum of the current price of the book.
Overdue Reserve Materials 2-Hour Reserve Loans: 10 cents per minute (or $6.00 per hour). Reserve materials not returned by the time the Library closes but kept overnight will result in an additional $20 fine per night. 7-Day Reserve Loans: $5 per day (including days on which the Library is closed).
Study Room Keys 2-hour Loan: A fine of $1.50 will be charged for every 15 minutes the key is late (.10 a minute). A fine of $50.00 will be charged for a lost key in addition to late fines.
Recalled Books $1 per day after the due date.
Overdue Computer Software (CDROMS) $5 per day (including days on which the Library is closed).
Laptops (2 hour loan) 65 cents per minute (or $40 per hour).
(3 day loan)
$5 per day (including days on which the Library is closed).


(4 hour)

10 cents per minute (or $6.00 per hour).


Replacement Costs
  Replacement Cost Processing Fee
Lost Books The price of a new copy of the book or $150 dollars if the book is out of Print $25
Damaged Books An amount to be determined by the nature and extent of the damage, not to exceed the price of the book. $25
Lost DVDs Price of the DVD $25
Lost Study Room Key A fine of $25.00 will be charged for a lost key. $25

Lost/Damaged Items

If a borrowed item (i.e. book, calculator, laptop or iPad) is damaged or lost, the borrower will be held responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the damage or full cost of the lost item. If fees are not paid for damaged or lost item, registration will be blocked and transcripts will not be released. Library privileges will also be suspended at all CUNY campuses.