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Interlibrary Loan: How to request a book

Interlibrary Loan is a service through which patrons may request print and audio-visual materials not owned by The College of Staten Island Library or any other CUNY library.

clics vs Interlibrary loan

There are currently two different ways to obtain books not currently availabel from the College of Staten Island Library:

1) CLICS Intra-CUNY borrowing

         Use CLICS to borrow books from another CUNY library. If the book is not available from the College of staten island library or another CUNY library then          place a request through Interlibrary Loan

2) Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

          Use ILL to request books or items not availabe from CUNY. This service attempt to loacte the item for you from libraries all over the world.

CLICS: Check to see if it's available at CSI or another CUNY

Make a Request


  Click Request a Copy

Click Request a Copy




  • Enter your username and password
  • Both are your CUNY library barcode number, until you change the password


 Enter Barcode in Login Screen

Enter Barcode in Login Screen


  •  Select your pick-up location from the drop-down menu




Enter Barcode in Login Screen

Enter Barcode in Login Screen



  • Click Go to finish. You will see a confirmation message.
  • Email goes to you when your book is available




Confirmation that the Request is Complete

Confirmation that the Request is Complete




How long will it take?

Target turnaround is 2-3 days, excluding weekends and holidays. Requests submitted before 4 p.m. Sunday – 4 p.m. Thursday are retrieved the following business day. Couriers pick up later same day or next day. Requests made 4 p.m. Thursday to 4 p.m. Sunday are processed Mondays. NYC traffic, CUNY library systems problems, and library staffing all impact delivery time.

What if something I requested can’t be found?

You will receive email that your request can’t be filled. You may request it again from another CUNY library, or from ILL if otherwise unavailable within the CUNY system. If you wait longer than 4 days for your request, contact your either the CUNY lending library or your home CUNY library circulation desk.

Which materials may not be requested via CLICS?Queens College, Brooklyn College, and City College will not loan music scores through CLICS. Borrow and return scores in person to these CUNY libraries. Loan of CDs, DVDs, and VHS through CLICS is governed by individual CUNY library policy. Libraries receiving CLICS requests for any non-circulating material will cancel a CLICS request prompting an email notification to the requestor. Graduate Center may make InterLibrary Loan ILL requests for any item unavailable for any reason via CLICS: books, scores, music, and film. Note in the ILL request form if CUNY-owned, but unavailable via CLICS.What if no CUNY copies are available?You can request to be next in line for CUNY borrowed copies; you may also request books unavilable in CUNY+ through Interlibrary Loan. CUNY users must use Interlibrary Loan offered by their home institutions.What if I want to get the book before somebody else gets it?To get a book right away, go get it yourself. If you take it to the circulation desk, you will be able to borrow even if there are hold requests on it. Others may then place holds on the book after you check it out, interrupting your ability to renew the book. If a book is requested for reserve, individuals may not borrow it until it is placed on reserve.What if I want a particular copy from a certain CUNY library?You can make “targeted” requests by going into a local CUNY library catalog, and using the “Request this Copy” button. You may also request specific copies with the help of library circulation desk staff. These show up in “My Account” as “Hold Requests.”I didn’t get an email about my CLICS request!If you don’t get an email within a few days, check CUNY+ “My Account” under “Title Level Requests” to see items are “Ready for Pickup”. Check your email address there. If it is not current, take your CUNY id to the nearest CUNY library circulation address for an update. You may contact the lending CUNY library circulation department to prompt a search for or cancellation of your CLICS request, allowing the request to cycle to the next CUNY institution in the auto-How do I delete a CLICS request?Delete a CLICS request in “My Account” then by clicking on the number following “Title Level Requests.” If the Delete button appears you may delete the request. If the button does not appear, the request is already in process and cannot be deleted.Why do I get the message “No copies currently available, or there is a problem with your ID card. Please see a librarian. “?

  • You have already requested this book via CLICS and recognized in the hold or borrowing cue already, OR
  • No copy is available for loan via CLICS because the item is on loan, on reserve, in reference, or in a non-circulating category, OR
  • Your library CUNY+ record is expired. If your CUNY registration is current, take your valid photo ID to your home CUNY library circulation desk for an update. There has been a glitch in the auto-updating of your library record from CUNY Central data.

How to request a book through Interlibrary Loan

To Request Books

  1. Use WorldCat to find books, theses, and media in Libraries worldwide. Use ILL to request materials unavailable viaCUNY+/CLICS.
  2. In WorldCat In your library CUNY College of Staten Island  indicates that CSI has a copy of an item
  3. In WorldCat In your library group CUNY indicates that a copy is available from another CUNY library. Request through CUNY+/CLICS
  4. Use  from WorldCat to request an item from a non-CUNY Library through interlibrary loan (ILL)
  5. Include ISBN for fastest ILL delivery