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This LibGuide describes the CSI Library's resources and services that are relevant for learning and research in Psychology.

Boolean Search Operators

Using AND, OR, and NOT to combine your search terms.

In a Boolean search, keywords are combined by the operators AND, OR and NOT.

AND (means only)
AND narrows your search by showing only those records that contain both keywords.

Example: peanut butter AND jelly only finds records that have both peanut butter with jam
OR (means  either)
OR expands the search to include records containing either keyword, or both.

Example: peanut butter OR jelly finds records that are about peanut butter, about jam, or both.

NOT (means exclude)
NOT narrows the search by excluding unwanted terms.

Example: peanut butter NOT jelly finds records that only focus on peanut butter, but excludes jam.

AND (means only)

peanut butter AND jelly

Books that are about women who play sports.

OR (either)

peanut butter AND jelly


Books that are either about peanut butter or about jelly, or both.


peanut butter NOT jelly


Books that are about peanut butter but not jelly