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Political Science and Global Affairs

Radio, Television, and Website Resources

  • Al Jazeera Media Network - Established in 2006, this news organization based in Qatar provides 24-7 news and analyses from the Middle East and also news from around the world.
  • BBC World News - Based in the U.K., BBC is longest known international radio channel to provide news from around the world.  The BBC World News TV channel for 24-7 world news was integrated in 1991.
  • CNN Politics -  this 24-7 hour news channel, the first to be established in 1989, has a political segment that covers the political landscape involving the president, congress, upcoming elections in the U.S., and other political world news.
  • Face the Nation - Full episodes and transcripts from the Sunday morning television talk show on CBS in the U.S..  It features interviews with prominent American officials, politicians, and authors followed by an analysis from a panel of journalists. 
  • Meet the Press -  Touted as the longest running television show inthe U.S., which debuted in 1947, Meet the Press provides inside takes from elected leaders, reporters, and newsmakers on political and economic issues that occurred during the week. Full episodes and transcripts are available.
  • NPR Politics Podcast - Independent news organization in the U.S. that provides quick takes and polls on the news of the day and includes weekly roundups.

Documentaries from Film Platform

Educational Live-streaming films from KANOPY