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This website offers a guide to various eBook databases owned by the CSI Library and features information about works in the Public Domain, Open Access books, and Open Educational Resources.  The tabs on the left will take you to different collections. 

New and Featured E-Books!

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Deep Learning

Tufféry delivers an insightful discussion of the applications of deep learning and big data that focuses on practical instructions on various software tools and deep learning methods.

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Food Culture and Literary Imagination in Early Modern Italy

Exploring the ways the early modern Italian culture of food was imagined in the literature of the time, this book reveals that a wide range of literary works contributed to a revolution in eating and taste.

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Whitewashing Race

This book brings together a team of highly respected sociologists, political scientists, economists, criminologists, and legal scholars to scrutinize the logic and evidence behind the widely held belief in a color-blind society.

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A Companion to American Poetry

A Companion to American Poetry brings together original essays by both established scholars and emerging critical voices to explore the latest topics and debates in American poetry and its study.

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Digital Dictionary

In this book, citizens, trainers, political leaders or association members, students and users will find a base of knowledge that will allow them to update their understanding and become stakeholders in current societal changes.

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Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

This book will cover many topics in the field of stem cell biology and is based on seminars given by recognized scientists involved the international master program on stem cell biology at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris.

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Construction Microeconomics

Construction Microeconomics provides comprehensive coverage of microeconomics applied to the construction industry, focusing on construction clients and on contractors who transform the ideas and plans of clients into infrastructure and buildings. 

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Product Innovation Toolbox

This book brings together key thought leaders and seasoned consumer researchers to share their experiences, advanced consumer research tools, and practical tips for successful and sustainable product innovation.