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A Celebration of Audre Lorde

About this Website

A black and white image of Audre Lorde, from the documentary "Audre Lorde: the German Years". She is making an amused face, as if something just caught her attention.

This website provides selected resources about and by Audre Lorde.  It was designed to accompany the program about Audre Lorde on October 27, 2022, that was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her death in 1992 and the 50th anniversary of her move to Staten Island in 1972, where she resided for 15 years.  Students, faculty, and staff at the College of Staten Island, in collaboration with other organizations on Staten Island came together to celebrate her and her works.  

Participating organizations were: The Alice Austen House Museum, LGBT Historic Sites Project, and the Staten Island African American Heritage Tour.