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About the Library


The vision of the CSI Library is to foster the exchange of ideas in a collaborative and innovative environment. In the Information Age, libraries must continue to design physical and online spaces to promote academic success and lifelong learning.


As the only institution of public higher education on Staten Island, the CSI Library supports a diverse urban campus and the local community. We are committed to:

  • Providing equitable access to information, curricular materials, and research tools through subscriptions and emerging open access resources
  • Cultivating scholarly inquiry and discovery through teaching information literacy and critical thinking skills and concepts
  • Creating an inclusive and welcoming space conducive to research, collaboration, learning, study, and introspection
  • Preserving and curating the institutional memory of the Willowbrook campus, College of Staten Island, and the cultural heritage of the borough
  • Engaging the community through programming, exhibits, and our publicly available Federal Depository Library Collections

The CSI Library works to advance the educational mission and strategic plan of CSI, outlined in Opportunity to Ascend: Strategic Priorities for the College of Staten Island 2017-2022, specifically: Strategic Priority 1, “Student Success,” Strategic Priority 3, “Borough Stewardship,” and Strategic Priority 5, “Scholarship-Driven Education.”


The Department of the Library upholds the American Library Association’s Core Values of Librarianship. As such, we affirm the statements made by the President of the College of Staten Island, the Chancellor of CUNY, and the American Library Association available here.