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Resources for Learning and Teaching Remotely

This guide lists a few of the electronic resources that are now available to students and faculty to help with distance learning and teaching for the Spring semester

Textbooks and Reserves

Access to E-Textbooks from Publishers

Please Note : For the upcoming Fall 2020 semester, McGraw Hill, Pearson, Cambridge, Oxford, Sage, Wiley, Ovid, GALE, Elsevier and many other publishers are handling their collections different than Spring 2020. Please following the below instructions and the Textbook Q&A for guidance. Any questions about print textbooks should be directed to the Reserves/ Circulation unit.   

Step 1:

UPDATE:  When the Spring semester ends, free access to VitalSource and RedShelf will close. Any e-texts you had access to as part of these platforms will no longer be discoverable. If you want to continue access, please reach out to the CSI Bookstore for continued access on these specific e-commerce platforms or continue below to see if institutional access is available for some of your e-textbooks through library platforms. 

Step 2:

Search OneSearch for textbooks/ e-books across multiple platforms owned by the library. There are many other book e-providers, such as JSTOR, etc. found through OneSearch. Library ebook vendors that provide institutional access across the campus to multiple users at the same time include platforms such as EBSCOProQuest, Gale and Rittenhouse. Digital course textbooks purchased using Student Government funds will appear in your search. A textbook list been complied for course related e-books purchased throughout the 2019-2020 academic year from this funding. Please review this  e-book list by accessing the excel sheet at bottom of the page! 

Step 3: 

If you cannot find your textbooks, there might be other institutional options available. Please use our Reserve Request form to find out!

Faculty Guidance- Textbooks

As a faculty member, I need to teach remotely this semester and want to make sure the textbook I assign for my course is available in e-format. What can I do?

You can go through the same protocol as described above to see if we currently own or can get your course materials in e-book format. Due to the issues discussed in our Textbook Q& A, it is best that you work with the library prior to making your textbook selections in order to find other options available to you. Many faculty are switching to OER Textbooks than can either be created by the faculty or by adopting using OA resources or library ebook resources.  Please see the library’s OER Guide and the primary contact for OER at the CSI library. You also can refine your OneSearch by filtering your results Open Access (OA) resources with the Resource Type as ebooks (filter facets on the right hand side). We have also listed many Open Access Resources for books that you can search on your own on the library’s Ebook Guide

Right now, EBSCO is still allowing free access to their resource Faculty Select which searching OA Resources as well as vendor ebooks that have institutional access. If you find an ebook that needs to be purchased from here, please proceed to the library’s Material Request Form and indicate that this purchase is needed for a course.       

Bookstore E-Commerce Platform Options for Faculty/ Students

These options are usually available to a student who has already purchased a print textbook from the bookstore or via faculty who have placed orders via the campus bookstore. Please contact the vendor directly about these options or the bookstore. The library has no part in setting up these types of digital access through these platforms because they involve individual purchases and/or faculty registering their course.  These e-commerce platforms are listed below...   

GALE Unlimited/ CENGAGE Textbooks

  • Access to Gale Unlimited: Access is now through your individual books purchase, bookstore or instructor. 
  • Course Management System. There are numerous Gale products that have unique links that can be easily integrated into a CSM. Please contact your subject librarian if you want the following collocations provided by NY State permanently included as apart of the CSI library's collections. See list.


To Log-in or Create an Account. Go to or this link.  If you already have a Cengage account, log in instead.  You may already have a Cengage account if you have taken courses through MindTap, WebAssign, SAM, CNOWv2 or OWLv2.

McGraw Hill Textbooks

McGraw-Hill offers access to their online learning platform, ALEKS for chemistry and Math. Faculty need to sign up individually. Read about the program and sign up at Aleks help page. 

Cambridge TextBooks

Higher Education from Cambridge University Press is a new site that ensures content and services relating to our textbooks will be available in one place. This will include Textbooks, Supplementary materials for students and Resources for instructors. Along with these 80 titles, more titles will be added throughout the next several months, until more than 750 textbooks will be available online. Please vit the site here.