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Copy of Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my thesis to the library?

Guidelines for the Submission of a Master's Thesis

A finished Master's thesis is a scholarly work that is the product of extensive research and related preparation. The Library will make Master's theses publicly available to students, faculty, and outside researchers. For purposes of preservation, and to prepare them for bindery, theses must adhere to uniform standards of format and construction.

Number of Copies

Students are submitting their approved thesis to the Library are asked to submit two copies, both of which must be signed by all members of the thesis committee, or by the program coordinator if no committee exists, on the thesis signature page. One copy will be kept in the Library archives; the other will become part of the circulating collection. Students wishing to copyright their thesis through an official agency must make their own arrangements to do so. (See U.S. Copyright Office website:


The two copies for the Library must be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" unpunched, unbound white paper of 20-24 lb weight or heavier. The paper must also meet the specification of 100% cotton content (i.e. acid free) and must not contain lines, smudges, spots, or shaded background. Copies from a laser printer or commercial copier service are highly recommended. Copies done on departmental or self-service copy machines do not meet the Library's high quality standard. All printing must be one-sided only. Photographs, maps, charts, color copies, and some special illustrative materials may be placed, prepared, or reproduced on paper different from that of the regular text (for example, color copies on cotton paper will smudge; use paper specifically made for color copying). On either side of this special paper, students must include a blank sheet of the specified cotton, acid-free paper. Students also must place one blank sheet at the front and back of the thesis.

The following (minimum) margins must be used throughout the manuscript:
Left margin: 1.5" Top margin: 1.0"
Right margin: 1.0" Bottom margin: 1.0"

Material that cannot fit feasibly within regular or oversized margin requirements may be placed on 11" x 17" paper. Page numbers must be placed in the upper right corner in the same position as the rest of the text. These pages are NOT to be folded prior to submittal. The bindery will fold them as appropriate.


Abstracts must be double-spaced and are limited to a single page with margins as described below. This page should bear the heading "Thesis Abstract."


After a successful thesis defense, each student is expected to prepare two official copies of the manuscript, to be dropped off with the Reference Librarian on the first floor of the Library. For questions, do not hesitate to call the Head of Reference (718.982.4008) or the Archivist (718.982.4128).