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Copy of Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print in the library?

Students at the College of Staten Island have access to free black and white printing at a limit of 350 sides per semester (Fall and Spring) and a limit of 175 sides each for Winter and Summer semesters.  Students that reach the maximum allowable limit for free printing during any given semester may purchase additional sides at a cost of 10 cents per side.  At the end of each semester, all free balances (i.e., unused free printouts) expire and are reset for the next semester.

You can check how many sides you have available for printing at To check your printing funds available as well as add funds to your account go to: You can also add funds to your printing account via a cash or credit card transaction by visiting the cash management machines located on the 1st floors of the Library or campus center.

Printers only accept 20 pages per print job. Students who need to print longer documents must break their print jobs into increments of 20 pages or less. If the filesize of a document is too large, you may have to break it into smaller increments (for example, try printing 10 pages at a time, instead of 20.) If you have difficulty printing, please see a librarian at the Reference Desk.

More detailed information on the College's print policies can be found on CSI’s web site at DolphinCard Print Policy.

Questions may be directed to the following offices:

Information Technology Services HelpDesk
718-982-HELP (4357)

Dolphin Card Office