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Media Services


The Videoconference Center is housed in the library on the 2nd floor in room 1L-220A. Using videoconferencing technology, two or more people at different locations can see and hear each other at the same time. Participants can also share files, graphics, and multiple computer applications (such as PowerPoint and Skype) for collaboration. This rich communications technology offers new possibilities for our faculty, who are now using videoconferencing systems for a variety of purposes, such as, formal instructions both nationally and internationally (courses and lessons). In addition, the system allows the faculty to bring guest speakers and experts to participate in multi-school collaboration projects and professional activities.

Videoconference Center Equipment

Videoconference Unit

Polycom VSX-7000 Videoconference Unit with two 50” plasma displays

Widescreen monitors provide the audience with a larger, more defined picture. Capable of conferencing with up to four locations at one time using ISDN and IP connections.

Phone Conference Unit

Polycom SoundStation EX Conference Phone

Makes phone conferencing possible with a larger audience.



Interactive screen allows the presenter to write notes and surf the web at the same time.



To schedule an appointment to use the Videoconference Center, contact:

Aleksander Dudek
Videoconference Coordinator
Phone: 718.982.4125