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Black History Month Event

Events in March

Black History Month @ CSI Continues!

The Office of Student Life - Pluralism & Diversity invites you to join us in this celebratory month as we recognize Black and African-American people for their achievements throughout history and their important role in shaping our society. These events are organized by various departments across campus and will examine the past, explore the present, and honor some of the great voices today and what they contribute to our world.



Organized by the Psychology Department.

Funding provided by the Campus Activities Board with Student Activity Fees.



MLK and the Strength of Shared Dreams Banner.png


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Through live character portrayal and video, “Shared Dreams” depicts how MLK’s “Poor Peoples Campaign” was a turning point in intersectional advocacy. A broad cross-section of cultural groups came together to fight against poverty. Had King lived to be the face of this young movement, it would have changed the way we look at race and social issues. We believe that it would have been a great leap forward in our American Civil Rights Story.


Funding provided by Hillel at CSI and Campus Activities Board.

Co-sponsored by Office of Student Life – LGBTQ Resource Center/Pluralism & Diversity.