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Resources for Learning and Teaching Remotely

This guide lists a few of the electronic resources that are now available to students and faculty to help with distance learning and teaching for the Spring semester

Laboratory Resources

JOVE Resources

Jove Access has ended

Jove provided free access to several of its video collection during the 2020 spring semester. However the temporary COVID access has ended. If you are an instructor interested in useing streaming video content in your classes, please contact the library or your department's library liaison. Thank you!


Gale Interactive in Anatomy and Chemistry

Gale is no longer providing free trial access for two of their online laboratory products. The CSI Library does not subscribe to either product below:

  • Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy allows students to examine virtual 3D dissections and immerse themselves in interactive research, activities, and comprehension checks.
  • Gale Interactive: Chemistry engages students and aids comprehension by pairing reference material with manipulatable 3D models. Students can balance equations, work with an interactive periodic table, or explore organic reactions.

Wolters Kluwer Ovid Resources

Wolters Kluwer with Ovid and LWW allowed temporary access to a number of resources in light of the COVID crisis, however this complementary access has ended. If you are a faculty member and have questions about using one of these resources (LWW Health Library, Acland's Atlas of Human Anatomy, 5MinuteConsult, or Bates’ Visual Guide) for your classes, please contact the library. The CSI library does not subscribe to any of these products