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Resources for Learning and Teaching Remotely

This guide lists a few of the electronic resources that are available to help students and faculty in the distance learning environment


Graphing Calculator Access

While remote learning is in effect, we strongly recommend you use free programs to emulate all the functions of our physical graphing calculators on your computer or mobile device. Demos offers a free calculators for both online and offline mobile use with apps. They also tout their calculator as meeting accessibility guidelines. Try their graphing function. Consider meta-calculator for free graphing that is well formatted for screen sharing. NumWorks offers an Open Source calculator (Creative Commons license) with an emulator that can be used on computers or with a free app on mobile devices. Try the online simulator, with no download needed.

For Texas Instruments brand calculators, a 90 day free trial of emulation software is available for Students and Teachers on the Texas Instruments COVID-19 Support page. Students can click on the teacher trial link, and then select their student status on the next page. Currently emulation software for Chromebook, for all students and teachers, is available in a test beta release until summer 2021. Please email and you can get a link to a private, free app on the Chrome App Store.