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Resources for Learning and Teaching Remotely

This guide lists a few of the electronic resources that are now available to students and faculty to help with distance learning and teaching for the Spring semester

WiFi and Internet Service Provider vendor offers

Many Internet service providers are offering free internet access options for college students who must work remotely. The FCC has asked providers to agree to the Keep Americans Connected Pledge so check with your vendor about the possibility of continued access even if you can't pay your internet bill right now. Most of the local NYC and NJ providers have agreed to the pledge. 

Spectrum is offering 2 months free internet access to college students in the areas they serve, with no installation or pre-payment fees. Read details and sign up on their Coronavirus Internet Offer For Students site, however you must cancel before the 2 months are over or you may be charged for a 3rd month. See all their Coronavirus information on their Update page.

Altice (Optimum) is offering a similar option for college students, although instaltion fees are unclear. Please contact them directly. See contact information on their Education COVID Response Feature page. However, you must cancel before the 2 months are over or you may be charged for a 3rd month.

Specturm and Optimum are also allowing non-customers to use their mobile hotspot network ("CableWiFi," SpectrumWiFi," "OptimumWiFi," and "Boingo"). See details and find locations on the Spectrum WiFi Hotspots  and Optimum Hotspots pages. Make sure you are signing in to a real Cable Hotspot. Do not share financial, banking, or identity information over an unknown network.

T-Mobile and Sprint are allowing all its current mobile customers to have unlimited data for 60 days, until mid May. Current customers can also use 20 GB of mobile hotspot / tethering service. You can use mobile hotspot to connect a computer to the internet using your phone if you don't have home internet. See the March 13, 2020 post on the T-Mobile COVID-19 Response page or the March 13 post on the Sprint Responds page.