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Archives & Special Collections

Transfer Records to the College Archives

  1. The Archivist needs to approve all materials for inclusion in the Archives. Only those records that form the permanent historical record of the College can be included. Once approval has been obtained, and prior to sending any records, materials need to be boxed in standard one cubic foot record center boxes, a file folder listing created, and a records transmittal form completed and sent to the Archives.
  2. When boxing records, please make sure boxes are completely filled so that folders do not sag. If a partial box must be sent, please insert cardboard boxes or other fill material to support files.
  3. Please label each box to include your department name, the type(s) of records in each box (including the name and title of the person who produced them), the dates included in the box, the number of each box starting with one, and the date of the transfer. Labels should be placed on one end and one side of each box. An example of a good label follows:
    • Department: Office of the Provost Type of Record: General Correspondence of Provost John Smith Dates: 1978-1982 Box 1 of 7 Transferred to Archives: 12 November 2003
  4. On the transmittal form, please fill in all the information indicated. The most important section of the form is the container (box) listing. This summary description for each box should match the box label.
  5. In addition to the transmittal form, please prepare a file folder listing for all contents in each box. This listing will serve as a guide for retrieval. Copies should be submitted with the transmittal form, placed in each box, and retained by your office. If the file folder list is word processed, please send the file electronically to the Archivist as well.
  6. Please call the Archives before arranging for Building Services to transfer the records. Once we receive them, you will receive a receipt for the records.

Click here for a records transmittal form (to print out and submit).